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Why should we go to the Wawel castle?

Why should we go to the Wawel castle?

Wawel is a place that attracts many tourists traveling to Krakow. We should remember that we can visit many attractive places there and see how magnificent the former seat of the Polish kings has been.

Popular Wawel castle

The defensive and residential castle in the Wawel Castle in Krakow has an impressive area of ​​7040 square meters. There are 71 exhibition halls in it, so it is worth spending a few hours exploring the whole. Wawel royal castle offers the following permanent exhibitions, including the Representative Royal Chambers, as well as Private Royal Apartments as well as the Crown Treasury and Armory. We can also visit Lost Wawel and Oriental Art.

Tourists can view almost all exhibitions individually. A guided tour service is included in the ticket price of exhibitions that cannot be viewed alone. We can go on any day of the week to visit the Royal Castle in Wawel, all or selected exhibitions. So let’s take this into account if, for example, we want to avoid crowds at the weekend.

The Wawel Cathedral is a very important monument from a historical point of view. It was in this temple that the coronations of Polish kings were held. In addition, it is the burial place of many important personalities for the country: rulers, bishops, members of royal families, political leaders and national prophets. Tourists can visit the following parts of the Cathedral Basilica of St. Stanislaus and St. Wenceslas