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Famous Warsaw Vodka Museum

Famous Warsaw Vodka Museum

Warsaw Vodka Museum, located in old buildings, which belonged to vodka factory “Koneser” is a place where you can learn about many interesting facts concerning this bevarage. It’s a place definitely worth seeing, but not for everyone – if you’re traveling with kids, find an interesting activity for them instead, as they can’t visit the museum.

How to buy tickets?

You can get them at the museum or online, via their site. There are both reduced and full price tickets – only for people at age 18 or higher. If you’re traveling with a group of friends and would like to get an exclusive trip at the museum – you can buy tickets for a night’s sightseeing. The only requirement is to gather a group of 8.

Tours in Polish and English language are made on daily basis. As for other languages, such as Spanish, German and others, you need to order the trip at least 3 days prior.

What can you see at the museum?

There are a couple of exhibits, some of the interactive, which will please technology fans. At the museum you can find out about over six hunderd years of history of vodka making in Poland.

This alcohol is drunk in many houses during important family occasions. Vodka is important in polish culture, which makes the process of making it interesting procedure for many.

At the museum not only will you find out how vodka is prepared, but also what materials are used in the process. After that, you can try the real alcohol in the gastronomy part of the museum: the tasting is included in the ticket price!