The best places to visit
The best walking tour in Krakow

The best walking tour in Krakow

Krakow is a very beautiful city that is visited by many tourists regardless of the season. Virtually at any time something interesting is happening here, thanks to being in the former capital of Poland even for the weekend, we will certainly not be bored. So what to visit?

The most important places in Krakow

The Krakow Market Square is probably one of the most obvious places to visit. There is a lot of Krakow attractions at the Market Square and in its immediate vicinity, but is the main city square also an attraction? Undoubtedly, the Market Square can also be considered an attraction. It is the largest square in Krakow and one of the largest markets in Europe and the largest medieval market. There are many historic tenement houses and palaces around the Krakow Market Square.

The market was the place of the Prussian Homage. His focal point is the unique Cloth Hall. We can see here the remains of the Krakow City Hall, the church of St. Wojciech, the famous stalls of florists, cabs and next to the famous St. Mary’s Church. Tourists are also tempted by the Krakow underground market square. Once on the Krakow Market Square, like today on the Market Square in Lviv, trams rode. The representative Krak√≥w Square was closed to traffic on January 4, 1979.

If we don’t have much time and we want to visit the most important monuments of Krakow, we should opt for the Krakow walking tour. It is the walking tour in Krakow that is the best solution for us. Even many people choose this option if they are in the former capital of Poland with small children.