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The most popular salt mine in Krakow

The most popular salt mine in Krakow

Wieliczka is a small town with around 22,000 inhabitants. However, it is a place where many tourists come with a great desire every year. So why is this place so popular?

Popular salt mine Krakow

Definitely Wieliczka is a city that owes its popularity to the salt mine. For this reason, it is here that more and more tourists come. Everyone who wants to see the wonderful chapel of St. Kinga and other, no less beautiful places, are invited to enjoy the unflagging popularity of the classic tourist route. As part of your ticket, you can continue the trip by visiting the underground Museum of Krakow Saltworks.

A magical journey through the labyrinth of salt corridors is an ideal opportunity to get to know the unique landscapes of unusual chambers, discover the tradition and history of the Wieliczka mine. On the other hand, those looking for real adventure and wanting to know the inside work of a mine, you can take an exciting trip along the mining route. You can play the role of a miner here and under the watchful eye of the front one get the first cuts in the underground profession. It is also a very attractive solution for the youngest who will learn what the miner’s work really looks like.

Salt mine in Krakow has many different underground routes. It is worth choosing the best option for us, depending on whether wyou are with young children or not. It is very important because only thanks to this your trip will be fully successful and our children satisfied.