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How not to waste even a day in Warsaw?

How not to waste even a day in Warsaw?

Visiting large cities can be tedious. First of all because of logistic issues. When attractions are far away from each other, you need to plan each day properly, as this is the best way to see as many places as possible. For this reason, it is worth preparing a list of places that we want to see.

What do you MUST see in Warsaw?

There are several places in Warsaw that cannot be missed. It is primarily the Old Town, which perfectly reflects the character of the city. Colorful tenements create the perfect atmosphere for drinking morning coffee.

Another must-see place is the Royal Castle. It is a beautiful castle, whose interiors are richly decorated, which is worth seeing all available rooms and exhibits.

Going further, you have to see Łazienkowski Park. It is a beautiful palace and garden complex with many interesting places. A thorough visit to this place can be a job for the whole day.

It is also worth visiting Willan├│w because it is another beautiful park and palace complex.

You can’t forget about the Warsaw Uprising Museum!

What is worth seeing in Warsaw?

All other places! And there are a lot of them … You can start with the Polish Vodka Museum, which will tell us the story of this unusual drink. It is worth visiting the Copernicus Science Center to test your knowledge about the world around us. Another interesting place is the National Museum and the Polish Army Museum.

There are really many places to visit in Warsaw, so you should plan your trip so as not to waste even one day.