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The best things to do in Zakopane

The best things to do in Zakopane

Zakopane is definitely one of the most popular winter destination for all Poles, but also – more and more people decide to go there during summer vacation. What are the best things and Zakopane tours one definitely should participate?

The Tatra Mountains

Taking a trip to the mountains is an absolute must when visiting Zakopane. Tatra is a mountain range, which became a natural border between Poland and Slovakia. As long as the tourists stay on a safe path, it doesn’t really matter, whether they chose to trek alone or with a professional guide – though, the second case might be a really good idea. Fully qualified guide can give many interesting information about the mountains, nature or historical facts.

Zakopane is a reallu grate base to tour through the mountains. It gives an opportunity to spend some time in town and at the same time – it’s really close to Tatra National Park.

Morskie Oko Lake

This lake, which name can be translated as “the eye of the sea”, is the biggest one in whole Tata Mountains and it requires almost three hours walk to get there. As a bonus – there is the best opportunity to see a really beautiful lake settled in between the mountains.


In Zakopane, there are many things one should try and among them – there is definitely food. Amazing restaurants are just one thing, but also, all the visitors should try the famous smoked cheese. Once tasted – never forgotten!