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Holidays in Krakow – Thermal Baths Krakow and other ideas

Holidays in Krakow – Thermal Baths Krakow and other ideas

A visit to Krakow is without a doubt one of the main points on the bucket list of the architecture fans around the world. But this fascinating city offers its curious visitors many more opportunities to be entertained and amazed. Why not take a quick look on some of them?

World-famous cuisine from old Galicia

To spend some time in Krakow or adjoining villages and to refrain from enjoying their exquisite food would be a real pity! This region has long been a mecca for people who love obscure culinary delicacies and treats that are availible only here.

The famous Krakow bagels (or „obwarzanki”), pierogi, borszt and other fascinating dishes will easily capture the tastebuds and imagination of a true food connoisseur. And for the tourist that decide to travel further South, the traditional cheeses from the Polish mountains will be a delicious reward!

Thermal Baths Krakow – healing water in a beautiful setting

Sightseeing and long walks down the city’s ancient streets is certainly a worthwhile way to enjoy a trip to the old Polish capital. But for the people who want to get a taste of adventure and relaxation in one place, Thermal Baths Krakow will be even more interesting location to visit.

Huddled together in an amazing natural landscape of Malopolska, this unique bath & spa complex offers a possibility of healing and stress relief for everyone! It consist of huge, crystal-clear pools of water in an incredible shade of blue, a restaurant, a treatment center, and a vast array of entertainment opportunities.