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Guide to the best tours in Krakow, Poland

Guide to the best tours in Krakow, Poland

The city of Krakow is a treasure trove of history, art and architecture. It is also home to many medieval buildings and churches that give the city its unique charm. The city has something for everyone, from lovers of fine dining to those who prefer to sightsee at night. This article will help you find the best tours in Krakow, Poland, so you can explore all it has to offer with friends and family.

What to visit while in Krakow?

One of the first things visitors to Krakow notice is the number of churches. The city is so rich in churches that it can seem overwhelming at first. There are several tour companies that can help you start exploring the city. The easiest way to get acquainted with the city is to take hop-on-hop-off bus tours. Bus tours can help you find important landmarks, such as the historic Kazimierz district, or give you an overview of the city. Another great way to explore the city is by walking. The city center is small enough that most places can be visited on foot. If you have more time, you can also take a bike tour. A walking tour of the Old City is a great way to explore the city’s many churches.

Hop-on-hop-off bus tours in Krakow, Poland

One of the best ways to discover Krakow is by taking a hop-on-hop-off bus tour. Hop-on-hop-off bus tours allow you to get on and off at any point, so you can explore the city at your own pace. There are many different tour companies offering different bus tour options like seekrakow, so you can find one that best suits your needs. Buses can take you to all the major landmarks, such as the Cloth Hall, the Market Square and the Main Square. If you want to explore the city’s art scene, you can also choose a tour that focuses on the city’s many museums.


Tours around Krakow

Another great way to explore the region is to take a tour of the Krakow area. Tours take you to many of the most important landmarks in the region and offer a great overview of the area. With a tour you can visit such places as, Wieliczka Salt Mine, Jasna Gora Church, Zakopane.