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How to spend a good stag do at Krakow?

How to spend a good stag do at Krakow?

Every groom hopes that his bachelor party will be an unforgettable experience. For this reason, you should think about what attractions will please all the guests at the party. When choosing a place for a bachelor party, it is worth thinking about a party abroad. There are several places that are worth visiting. One of them is Krakow.

Travel bachelor party

Stag do in Krakow is one of the most popular destinations for a bachelor party. It is a historical city, where you can find a lot of interesting sights and places where you can spend time.

Have you ever tried the bubble soccer?

The usual Fifa is not enough and a friendly soccer match sounds too banal? Try Bubble Soccer! Dressed in huge, transparent balls that prevent traditional running, you will play a match. Attempts to intercept the ball, swerve and foul end in hilarious flicks and rolls. Keeping balance becomes a great challenge, and the game provides many reasons to laugh. The service can be booked at the place of your choice or you can use the offer of the organizer itself.

Stag do in Krakow

Night with poker

If the idea of a trip to the casino seems inappropriate, you can bring the casino into your home! It is enough to buy a few accessories – gambling sets, green cloth for the table, hats, whiskey, cigars and each of you will feel like the Great Boss. Good fun is guaranteed, and you can continue the evening at the club. The rules of the games are not complicated, so if someone has never tried them, he or she will easily assimilate the basic knowledge. After all, it is about having a good time, not becoming a champion of the table.

In conclusion, stag do in Krakow (check here) is one of the best ideas for a bachelor party. If you want to spend time in a very nice way, it is worth choosing additional attractions, such as an evening at the casino or a game of bubble soccer. In this way, you can interestingly spend time before the main events, which will take place at the evening.