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Is krakow nightlife the only activity there?

Is krakow nightlife the only activity there?

Many people are looking for unusual ideas for a weekend trip abroad. Looking for interesting places, many tourists forget about such a wonderful place as Krakow. Despite the fact that it is visited by millions of tourists every year, it is still not an obvious solution for many people. Which, of course, is a mistake!

Why should I choose Krakow?

Having a free weekend and wanting to visit some interesting city, you should choose Krakow. Why?

First of all, because it is extremely beautiful there. The historic market square, the Wawel Castle rising over the Vistula River make the city’s atmosphere unusual and hard to compare to anything else. For this reason, Cracow is a one-of-a-kind place.

Krakow nightlife

How to spend time in Cracow?

First of all, actively. When the weather outside is nice, time spent in this city will be even better. The number of attractions on offer is extremely large. Many tourists come to Krakow for at least a week to be able to visit all the most important places and enjoy the atmosphere of the city. Apart from typical attractions in the form of monuments, nightlife in Krakow is very exciting ( Clubs, discos, pubs and restaurants are literally everywhere. It is best to choose the ones offering local products, which will surely conquer the palate of everyone. Active spending of time in Cracow is also a sport. The number of places where you can exercise or swim is also significant.