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Zatorland – what is this place?

Zatorland – what is this place?

Zator is a small town between Katowice and Wadowice located in south part of Poland. There can be found Zatorland – one of the best parks for adults and children. What can be seen there?

The Greek Part

The whole Zatorland complex is made of some smaller parks, one of them being the part devoted to the Greek Gods. Its form is really interesting, as the trip is being taken on a boat (as this part of exposition is placed on water). Creators of the park located there many interesting objects, like a replica of a Trojan horse.

Young (and the older) lovers of mythology will be thrilled to see this part of park in Zator!

Insects? Why not!

Another part of the whole complex is a part, which can be found controversial for some people. It is about all types of bugs – cockroaches, ants, ladybugs, mantises and many more. Some part of the exhibition are interactive, which means that they can… move!

Although this part of the park in Zator might not be for everyone – people who are interested in wildlife should definitely check it out.

Some fun as well

Previously described parts of the park were mostly about learning (and some fun, too), but there is also a lunapark: the best place for children, who love to move. It is guaranteed, that every young person (and many of the older ones, too) will have an amazing time at the lunapark, where many carousels, trampolines and other attractions are placed.