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The most popular Auschwitz tour

The most popular Auschwitz tour

Krakow is one of the most famous and lovely cities in Poland. Every year they are visited by millions of tourists from Poland, but also people from abroad come here eagerly. Krakow has developed since the beginning of the Polish state, for hundreds of years it was the capital of our country. Today, we can admire and visit the numerous monuments that have arisen over the years. However, not only monuments attract Krakow, but also many attractions for tourists are organized here. Cultural events, festivals and meetings with famous people take place.

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In 1978, Krakow was inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. 55 buildings in Krakow are top-class monuments, and 50 museums present collections of over two million works of art. It was also founded here in 1364 by Casimir the Great, the first university in Poland. The history of Krakow is over 1,100 years of important events affecting the fate of our country. It is worth knowing this story, it is worth seeing the monuments of Krakow or participating in cultural events.

Most of Krakow’s monuments are located in a relatively small area in the very center of the city. The old town, located in the center of Krakow, is the area around the Main Square from which the oldest streets of the city depart perpendicularly. The whole of the old Being in Krakow is also worth choosing Auschwitz tour (read more). More and more people are choosing Auschwitz tours or a trip to the former death camp, where many people died during the war. This place is very close to Krakow, so it is also worth going there.