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Very important Auschwitz tour

Very important Auschwitz tour

Krakow is a very beautiful city which is visited by many tourists every year. It happens very often that in the former Polish capital you can meet a very large cultural diversity. Many tourists come here every year not only from the country, but also from abroad. What to visit in Krakow then?

A lot of diverse monuments in Krakow

auschwitz private tour

Undoubtedly, Krakow is one of the most popular European cities. Many tourists coming from abroad prefer the former Polish capital than, for example, Warsaw. Not only in Krakow itself, but around this city you can find many places worth visiting. Certainly everyone at least once in their life should go to Auschwitz private tour. These Auschwizt private tours are often organized from Krakow and in one day you can visit the place of extermination, where the museum is located now.

Definitely, being in Krakow, you should first of all pay a lot of attention to the numerous monuments that are in the center of this city. It is a great place to meet many interesting sights that will bring you closer to the history of this city. However, it is also worth remembering that around the former Polish capital there are also many interesting places where you can also successfully see interesting sights. One of them is certainly Auschwitz, where the museum is located. It is a former extermination camp, where many innocent people died during World War II. Such Auschwitz tours are becoming increasingly popular. It is worth to decide on the Auschwitz tour, because thanks to this you can learn the history of not only Poland but also Europe.