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The best underground museum Krakow

The best underground museum Krakow

Deciding on day trips often many people have no idea what direction will be the best. You can definitely find a lot of different places in Poland, where you can find not only attractive places, but also numerous monuments that have witnessed history. So where should you go?

Krakow is an increasingly popular destination

Indeed, when choosing a day trip destination, many people have no idea what direction to take. Currently, there are really many attractive places in Poland that you can visit. First of all, when choosing the right direction, it’s worth asking yourself what we want to see.

Krakow is certainly a very popular city in Poland. When choosing such a trip, especially in autumn or winter, you should take into account the bad weather. This is very important because then long walks in the city are not recommended. That is why, for example, Krakow can visit numerous museums.

A very popular museum is certainly the underground museum Krakow. This underground museum in Krakow is more and more often chosen because you can find many attractions there. It is a place where you can learn the entire history of Krakow. It is worth knowing that this city has been operating for several centuries. In the museum under the market there are, among others, numerous props that will certainly make sightseeing even more attractive. In addition, there are also numerous movies and animations that will appeal to even the youngest. The museum located in the underground is recently one of the most-visited attractions in Krakow.