Be Prepared to Deal with a Lost Passport


We hope you and your passport never part ways, so here are a few tips to keep that from happening and to guide you in case it does:

1.  Keep at least one backup.  Make a copy and leave at home with a trusted friend, bring a copy and store apart from your passport, and/or scan a copy and email it to yourself so you can access from anywhere.

2.  Keep your original passport in a safe place the entire time you are traveling.  For example, lock it in the hotel safe if you’re worried it may be lost on a day trip, or keep it somewhere safe in your pocket or bag.  You can use a binder clip to keep it a bit more secure in a purse or bag.  For extra security, you can also buy a hanging or waist travel wallet to wear under your clothing.

3.  If you do lose your passport while traveling, you will need to find the nearest United States embassy or consulate.   Bring your backup copy and any other identification documentation with you.  You can also check out the US Department of State Frequently Asked Questions regarding Lost and Stolen Passports Abroad.

Don’t have a passport or need to renew?  See our Passport Resource.

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