Warmer Weather Vacations – 5 Ways to Start Planning Now


Those of us in colder places are anxiously waiting for this rough winter to let go so we can enjoy some warm weather at home, not just while traveling.  As spring approaches, many of us are already planning summer vacations.

Here are a few ways to get started now:

pier-569314_6401. When you schedule your vacation time, be sure to include a vacation buffer to make the most of your time off the effects of your  vacation when you return.  This makes a big difference for us!

2. Make sure you have one go-to packing list that you can use each time you travel.  Taking steps like this to get yourself travel-ready now will make your trip less stressful.  Plus, you’ll be in good shape to travel spontaneously!

3. Making the right lists will also help you get travel-ready.  Here are a few of our other lists.

4. Gather items that you are likely to need for summer trips, and make sure they are well-organized and ready to go.

5. Create a summer travel budget now so you know how much you have to spend and how much your trips will cost, which will help prevent unexpected expenses.


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