The Vacation Buffer Day


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The scramble pre and post-vacation can ruin the vacation relaxation!  Sorry Closed

To help avoid this problem, add a day or two to when you’ll actually be gone (ideally a day before and a day after your trip). We call it the “buffer day” and it has helped us make the most of time off and makes that time more relaxing.

Depending on your work situation, you may not need to take more days off – for example, set your out-of-office for the day before you leave through the day after you come back. You can also work from home on those buffer days or take half days. Do what makes sense to protect your wind-down and catch-up time.

This has made us happier and has received positive responses.  In addition, it gives us time to pack and prepare on one end and to unpack and catch up on errands on the other.

May also save you some money if you’re traveling on a less popular day! For example, if most people are leaving on a Friday night, but you use Saturday as a buffer day and leave on a Saturday evening instead, flight/train/bus prices or traffic may be lessened.

Scientific American recently did an interesting article about the effects of vacation and how long they last.  In our experience, vacation is more relaxing and its relaxing effects seem to last longer when we can ease into and out of work using the buffer day and when we are well-prepared so getting ready for vacation is easier.



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