Travel Binder Tip Clip #16


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Binder ClipsWe often end up with a stack of complimentary maps, travel guides, visitor guides, and attraction pamphlets when we travel to a new place.  However, it is inconvenient to carry around a bulky pile of these items.  Tear out the interesting pages and clip them together with binder clips!  Use one clip in the upper left corner, or use two or three along the side to seal like a book.

You can also insert your own pages of notes and additional information using hotel stationery.  Recycle the parts you don’t use so you do not have to carry them around.  You can rearrange and reorder the pages, such as in the order you want to see certain attractions, or by street or neighborhood.

You will end up with your own custom travel guide, which you can save as a scrapbook-like souvenir after you get home – try printing and adding a few pics taken on your trip!  You can also share your guide with friends who later travel to the same destination.


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