Save Time & Money on Breakfast While Traveling


We did coffee and tea, now on to breakfast!  (Second in a two-part on saving money on food.)image

Oatmeal makes a cheap, easy, quick breakfast while traveling.  Buy a container of quick oats (the kind that just needs hot water) to have at home.  When you travel, put a single-serving of oatmeal in a sealed sandwich bag, along with whatever you like with your oatmeal.  (This is typically cheaper and healthier than buying single-serve oatmeal packets.)  Bring a few servings with you and you’ll have a healthy, hearty, easy-to-transport breakfast at the ready.  Use the hotel’s hot water dispenser and hot coffee cups to make the oatmeal (or bring an appropriate travel mug or bowl of your own if space is no issue).

Our favorite oatmeal mix-ins are shredded coconut (natural kind no/low sugar added) or dried cranberries.  We also like cinnamon with maple sugar or raw cane sugar.  (This is also a great, inexpensive way to have breakfast at work – I have a canister of oatmeal and some dried fruit in my office.)   This approach is cheaper than buying breakfast in a hurry (just cents per serving!), saves you breakfast-line-time, takes up very little space or weight in your luggage, and is typically healthier than other convenient breakfast items (the nutrition facts on some baked goods can be downright terrifying).


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