About Travel More Roads

Welcome to Travel More Roads!  (You may hear us refer to “TMR” for short.)  We created this site when we looked around for one like it and came up empty-handed.  The way we see it, saving time and eliminating travel stress means you can travel better, so you’ll be willing to travel more.  Traveling in a cost-effective way means you can afford to travel more.  So we’re constantly looking for ways to save money on travel items and while traveling, as well as ways to better our travel logistics.  Turns out, there are websites that focus on great places to visit, that focus on booking the trip, that offer vague ideas about saving time or money, or that occasionally feature practical travel tips as part of a broader topic.  However, there are no sites that simply focus on concrete, practical travel tips, so we created one.  We hope to be your favorite travel resource, to offer you a little travel inspiration, and to save you time and money, so you can travel better and travel more.



Who are we?
First, as you may have guessed, we LOVE to travel.  A lot.  We make travel a priority and a regular part of our lifestyle.  We are not people who travel for a living, though there are plenty of travel bloggers who do so.  Rather, we fancy ourselves “normal people.”  That is, we have day jobs, we do the grown-up thing, we have clients and deadlines, we have mortgages, bills, dishes, and laundry.  Just so happens travel is also a big part of how we spend our time.  We look forward to telling you more about us as the site progresses (and after we sort through pics of ourselves for less embarrassing ones), but for now, enough about us, let’s talk about travel!


So, how much do we travel?

To give you an idea, it would be a weird month if we didn’t head out of town at least once, whether for a road trip, a cross-country flight, or an international trip.  During the warmer half of the year, we’re away far more weekends than we’re at home.  We tend to do more road trips when the weather is nice within a say 10 hour drive from home (we live in New England so there’s lots close by) and to fly all around the country the rest of the year.  We travel frequently for business as well and regularly attend six or more conferences per year.  We have been to a dozen countries on various continents in the past few years and are planning a handful more in the upcoming year.  We have been to well over half the states and counting.  We spend lots of time in the car, on buses, on trains, on planes, in hotels, and in friends’ homes.


Why are we giving you advice?

First, because we do not travel for a living but rather are so-called “normal” people with typical demands on our time and money, we understand that fitting travel into your schedule and budget can be a challenge and that career-traveler solutions don’t work for all of us.  At the same time, we travel frequently enough to have developed and researched a collection of travel tips and strategies that we’re looking forward to sharing with you, and we are constantly on the lookout for more.  We also stay in a wide variety of places, from friends’ couches to top-rated luxury hotels and many levels in between.  Plus, we’re geeky enough to get really excited about those little things, like packing our suitcases really well and well-traveled enough to know how much the little things can matter.  We’ve also made enough mistakes and improvements over the years to get a sense of what does and does not work well (but we are also embarrassed enough not to tell you how much luggage we brought on our first trip to Europe…yikes.) and are constantly evolving our travel technique.  Finally, we are not people who grew up traveling.  We didn’t get too far as kids.  Rather, we have developed our passion for travel as “grown ups,” so we remember how challenging it can be when you’re not used to travelling or when you travel infrequently.


Again, welcome, and we look forward to helping you save time, save money, travel better, and Travel More Roads!


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