Make An Emergency Card Before Your Next Trip


Do you have an emergency card?  Being well-prepared for an emergency is key when traveling, as well as at home.  Everyone should have an Emergency Card with them at all times even if you do not have a special medical condition (e.g., diabetes, heart condition, allergies).  Use our Emergency Card resource to create an emergency card for yourself or a loved one.    


If you’re away from home, especially if travelling alone, your friends and family are probably not expecting to hear from you as frequently.  So, if you had an emergency, it may be awhile before they noticed silence on your end and started looking for you.  Then, how would they find you?  Call your hotel?  Call local hospitals?


Make it easy for those who come to your rescue to contact your loved-ones so you can get help and return home safely and quickly.  It also conveys your important medical information such as medical conditions, allergies, and insurance information.  Hopefully you are never, ever in such an emergency situation, but prepare for it just in case.  That way, you’ll have a little more peace of mind.


Be sure to also bring other information that makes sense for you.  We typically carry an emergency card, identification (e.g., passport, licence), regular health insurance information, travel insurance information, and blood donor card showing blood type.


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