Binder Clip to the Rescue Again!


imageWe have listed several tips for using binder clips while traveling (#1-10, #11-15, #16), which we hope you are finding helpful on your trips.

On our west coast trip this past week, binder clips came to the rescue again. Our hotel had a big, beautiful bathroom with lots of shelves room to spread out but no place to hang our beloved Kiva toiletry kit, the horror! There was only one hook in the whole bathroom, outside the shower, far away from the sink, and over the back of the toilet. It was inconveniently located and awkward to reach.

Fortunately, we were able to use a binder clip to hang the toiletry kit like this, taking care to protect the shelf in the meantime.

Bring a few binder clips on your next trip – you never can tell how they will come in handy! (We’d love to hear how you’re using them too.)


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