Be Road Trip Ready – Store Linens Together


It’s stressful when preparing for a trip is a big ordeal, so make it easy on yourself!  We all know that flustered, anxious feeling of scrambling to pack and thinking you must be forgetting something.  We think that’s avoidable, so you may notice a theme on TMR of ideas for being “travel ready.”  Travel prep really can be light and breezy, let’s stop the madness!

imageStore your sheets and pillowcases as a set, inside one of the pillowcases.  We often drive to visit friends/family, and we like to bring our own bedding to make it easier on our hosts.  Storing bedding this way means linens takes a matter of seconds. Plus, when guests visit you, you’ll be organized and ready to go.

When putting away freshly-washed bedding, be sure it is completely dry before putting in the pillowcase.  Keep in mind the size of the pillowcase when folding the bedding and load gently to avoid stretching the pillowcase, especially with fabrics that may loose their shape.  Is your extra bedding a collection of mismatched items?  Make a set from the pieces and store the same way.


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