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We love visiting friends around the globe but also love when our friends visit us.  When they do, we want them to be comfortable and feel at home.  To help them feel that way, we keep a supply of extra toiletries on hand and let our guests know the supply is just for them.  That way, if they forget to bring anything, or need something they hadn’t planned on, they’re covered.  Plus they don’t have to ask, which makes them more comfortable.  Depending on the guest, they may not feel comfortable asking for a tampon, tums, or a razor, so it’s nice if it’s just there. 

You can store your supply of extra toiletries wherever makes sense for your home.  Here are a few ideas: (click on each picture to enlarge)

(packing cubes can be found here)

Now where are you going to get all these extra toiletries? 
 We prefer to pack the same products we use at home when we travel, which means perfectly good hotel toiletries left unused – bring those home for your future guests!  You can also save sample products you get in the mail, or even request samples be sent to you. (Try a site like this to look for some.  Beware of freebie scams).  You can spend a few dollars to supplement if you need.

Now what should you keep on hand?  Scan our TMR packing lists for ideas.  Of course, you can also refer your guests to our TMR packing lists so they don’t forget so many things when they travel!

(See also our discussion on having bedding ready for guests.)

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