Poland is a very beautiful country, which is visited by many tourists every year. This is not surprising, because regardless of the season of the year we can really spend your free time here attractively. So being in Poland, what is worth visiting? What cities are most visited by tourists?

Poland is a very beautiful country

The most popular city in Poland is Warsaw. If we come to Warsaw by train, certainly after leaving the station the first building that will impress us will be the Palace of Culture and Science. The Palace of Culture and Science was built in the center of Warsaw as a gift from the Soviet people to the Polish nation. Although for many Varsovians this building is a symbol of Soviet domination over Poland, on the other hand it has already become a permanent element of the capital’s landscape and is currently one of its most recognizable symbols.

The idea of ​​building the Palace of Culture and Science in the center of Warsaw came from Józef Stalin himself. Initially, the skyscraper was supposed to have 120 m, but at the instigation of the chief architect of Warsaw Józef Sigalin, the building’s height was finally set at 230 m with a spire. As it was a gift of the Soviet people to the Polish nation, only Soviet workers were involved in the construction of the palace. The construction works carried out under the supervision of the Soviet architect Lew Rudniwa lasted three years.

If we are in Warsaw, we should additionally visit the Royal Castle. Numerous museums are also very popular in Warsaw, among others vodka museum Warsaw. Few tourists are aware, but it is in the vodka museum in Warsaw: https://warsawtour.pl/en/polish-vodka-museum/ that we can find many interesting exhibits, as well as learn the history of this drink.